• Our organization takes pride in developing our athletes both on and off the field; we are 100% committed to our players.

  • Once a spot within our organization is accepted, we expect our athletes to be 100% committed to the program and their teammates. After tryouts, if you were offered a spot to be a part of the Team Maryland Lacrosse Club organization and have accepted; you will not be eligible for a refund. If you choose to leave the program before the year ends, all program benefits end effective immediately and a refund is not given.

  • If a player acts in a manner that does not reflect positively on our organization, in practice or at a tournament; that player may be asked to no longer participate with their team for the remainder of the team's schedule.

  • Any athlete who wishes to use a coach's contact information must first request permission from that coach before doing so.

  • If an athlete cannot make a practice or a tournament, please inform your coach or program director at operations@teammdclublax.com.  This is helpful information when planning for practices and tournaments.

  • Team Maryland Lacrosse reserves the right to move athletes from team-to-team based on dedication, performance, & attitude before the first tournament. At that time rosters are finalized for the tournament schedule.

  • If you are not feeling well while at tournaments or practices, please contact your coach or a certified trainer.  Trying to play through injuries or illness is not safe and can result in something worse if it is not taken care of.  It is not worth jeopardizing your health.